Friday, January 13, 2012

kawan baru.. filipin

fren: r u still single???

sangkut: errmm..  yess.

fren: u dont have any girlfriend?

sangkut: errmm.. aaa..

"plenty!" (bos menyampuk)

fren & sangkut: hahaha..

fren: if in filipin, u can become an actor.

sangkut: really?.. hahah..

fren: ya.. u have the height, look.. u know..

sangkut: haha.. but i dont know acting.. im very bad in acting.

fren: dont worry.. if u dont know u can learn.. every things can be learn.. in filipin everything can be done!

sangkut, bos & fren: hahahahaha...

fren: so do u think want to get marry with malaysian girl?..

sangkut: aaaa...


tiba2 terasa mcm nak pegi filipin plk.. haha

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